Has It Been A Year Already?! Phoenix Comic Con 2017

Update (06/02/2017): The Cosplay Video is ready for viewing below! Thanks to those who spent their time and participated in the vid.

We are here at Phoenix Comic Con 2017


And it has been a quick year since my last visit. Phoenix Comic Con just keeps on growing in popularity with every year! Last year was a huge jump in attendance, from over 75k to 106k and my visit this time around seemed to be even more crowded! But even amidst the Arizona heat and crowded convention (thankfully well air conditioned), there were many things to check out. Let’s go and see!

Phoenix Comiccon 2017
Sky Bridge connecting North & West Buildings


Phoenix Comic Con planted its roots back in 2002.

For those that may not know, Phoenix Comic Con started back in 2002. Every year, vendors gather to provide a multitude of multi-genre entertainment and comic books. There you have it! It’s a triple Phoenix. Phoenix Comic Con at the Phoenix Convention Center in Phoenix, Arizona!


Phoenix Comiccon 2017
FLCL Cosplay

Make it past the crazy registration line to pick up your pass, and you go straight into the convention, where the exhibitor hall, conference/meeting rooms, ballrooms, etc. are open for exploration!

 I decided to take it easy on Day 1 and enjoyed the exhibitor hall.

Phoenix Comiccon 2017

I was happy to get more in depth with the exhibitors this year and discovered booths that are unique. Anime Coast, for example, hand-picks items in shops in Japan that are rare to find and/or out of print.  Original art book prints from animation classics such as Tenchi Muyo, Love Hina, and other sub-culture goods took me straight down memory lane (and down to the ATM)!

Make your way to the upper decks of the convention to see the  Hall of Heroes. Here you can see elaborate displays such as Doctor Who booths, Star Wars movie scene set ups, and Legos built by the Arizona Build team. There is also an artists’ alley, which features many individual artists presenting their workshops on paintings, drawings, and sculptures.


Hall of Heroes Star Wars Universe

From Dragons to contemporary art, you can find almost anything here! In the back, you can find media guests such as English dub anime voice actors and pop media culture icons. You can even line up for an interview, selfie, and/or autograph from your favorite stars!

Panels are among the cream of the crop

Phoenix Comiccon 2017
Cosplay Dance Off

Particularly relevant to the convention itself are the panels – programs that caters to every genre are available. From books and authors, celebrity autographing/panels, photo ops, comic books, etc. There are even generic panels to specific topics panels from anime to pop media tv/movie talks. The options are staggering – to the point to where you can’t attend them all. You will have to pick and choose your battles on this front. But stand tall and brave. The convention has made browsing their storm of a schedule easy with apps available for Android and iOS.

Game Rooms & Escape Rooms for your enjoyment

Phoenix Comiccon 2017
Halo 2 Lan Party

Probably the most engaging next to interactive panelists. The most fun you’ll have are in the game rooms hosted by Game On Expo. It is a free entertainment room to enjoy beloved classics and modern hits. They even featured an original Xbox Halo 2 Lan parties on a Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) displays (think of the old box TVs before flat screen HDTVs). If that isn’t a trip down memory lane, I don’t know what is! However, I did find it entertaining to hear kids say, “look at that poor resolution” or complain about the lack of technical features of games that weren’t even available 15 years ago.

Phoenix Comiccon 2017
Halo 2 Lan Party

Dare to Escape AZ Escape Rooms? At entrance fees. You can play scenarios where you are trapped in a room and must explore hints/clues and solve mysteries to escape successfully. However, there are time limits! Tis a thriller to enjoy among the many programs in place!

In conclusion,  Phoenix Comic Con has something for anyone and everyone that walks through its doors.

Phoenix Comiccon2017
Anime Anonymous Presents Karaoke Idol Cafe

If it is your first time going to a convention, definitely check out all the panels you can, explore the massive exhibitor halls, and enjoy the amazing cosplays that all the attendees worked on all year round. In fact, you are encouraged to dress up yourself! The variety of actual programs, panels, exhibitors, etc. and goes beyond the scope of this article. Hence, To see more on what Phoenix Comic Con has to offer, do head over to their website! Til’ Next time!

Click the image below for full event photos on Flickr!

Phoenix Comiccon 2017

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