Anisong World Matsuri at Anime Expo

Welcome to the premiere, have a seat and enjoy the show!

Wake up, Girls!

Today we take a look back at day zero of Anime Expo, where Anisong World Matsuri hosted the “~Japan Kawaii Live~” concert!  Taking the stage were some of Japan’s greatest: AqoursJUNNA and Minori Suzuki from WalküreTHE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS, and the Wake Up, Girls!

What is Anisong World Matsuri?

Anisong is short for Anime Song and Matsuri means festival in Japanese. Put it all together, and you get Anime Song World Festival! Anisong was created by various industry partners, including Sony Music Entertainment, BANDAI NAMCO Live Creative Inc., and Anime Consortium Japan Inc. Anisong World Matsuri aims to give an anisong experience unlike any other featuring  well-known musical groups in the Japanese sub-culture global community.

anisong world matsuri

The beginning of a classy experience

It is certainly exciting when you go to Japanese music festivals. Walking into the theater and hearing upbeat J-pop vocals was quite the welcoming experience! While the music may all seem the same, the vocals, music, & dance choreography has such vibrant contrast that each group’s unique traits & quirks just naturally come through – even if you can’t understand the lyrics or see the different costumes because you’re too far away!

anisong world matsuri

Interacting with the performers

J-pop concerts tend to be highly interactive, especially in the anisong world! Equipped with penlights, one can quickly become part of the show and perform with their favorite idol groups! The Japanese call this ouen suru (応援する), which loosely translates to “cheering on”, or supporting. Without delay, the audience becomes a sea of glowing lights moving in rhythm to the beat of the music. Be it a simple fist pump motion, twirling circles, or slowly raising towards the sky, there are various moves that aid in the visual appeal of the live performance. For example, slowly raising lights towards the sky indicates a rise in tempo in the music. This not only builds anticipation on the audience’s side, but also on the performers side! The result is a concert where everyone goes all out!

Wrapping it all up

Anisong World Matsuri provided quite the experience – premium entertainment for any fan of Japanese sub-culture, be it J-Pop, anime, or even pachinko! All things considered, attending this four hour concert was like peering straight into everything I love about Japan. The idol groups and the audience created a remarkable atmosphere; the singers, with their stunning vocals and cutesy interpretive dance moves, presented a cultural cuisine that could not be matched.

The whole program is visually, audibly, and physically mesmerizing. Dare I say a uniting experience? I had never met the people on my left or right before, but the moment when our favorite group, Aquors, took the stage, we stood up arm in arm, jumping and waving our penlights!

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