What Trunks Can Teach Us About Perseverance

Trunks is the embodiment of perseverance

Trunks is a pretty smart guy. The embodiment of perseverance, in my humble opinion.

His life is very busy. So busy, in fact, that survival is his number one priority.

He doesn’t brag about his accomplishments, nor does he do what he does for glory. He does things solely for the purpose of living to see another day. Food, water, shelter, family and friends are all he longs for, and he does everything he can to have them 24 hours at a time.

Trunks knows food is in the kitchen. So when mom and dad are there, he knows he has a chance to get something. Even though he’s never eaten most of the foods, he knows that food = life. He takes every chance he gets to go to the kitchen and beg.

Does he always succeed? Of course not! Mom and dad turn him away more times than not. But every once in a while, he gets his hands on a delicious treat. All of his failures suddenly become valuable as soon as his parents give him something to eat. So he continues this behavior every. single. day. Hoping to catch them at the right moment.

Now, you might be thinking, “This doesn’t sound like Trunks at all!”

But you would be wrong. Plot twist: I’m not talking about Dragonball. I’m talking about my 6 month old Boston Terrier ^^

Trunks is the embodiment of perseverance
Meet Trunks! My devious little sidekick ^^

Trunks has managed to teach me a lot about being an entrepreneur in the short time we’ve been together. Most importantly, though, he’s taught me that the key to success is perseverance.

Like Trunks and his treats, entrepreneurial success is usually defined as being in the right place at the right time. But what that phrase doesn’t mention is all the effort and failed attempts that accompany finding that right place and right time.

Rejection is a major reason people either give up or don’t start at all. Yet, Trunks & all his 6 months of wisdom never lets rejection deter him from trying. He’s there every day – whether we’re cooking, cleaning, or walking to the laundry room – looking cute, jumping up and down, letting us know he’s there. He perseveres. More times than not, he fails. But he keeps at it because he knows that with the right timing, he’ll get what he wants.

We should all be more like Trunks.


Happy 2017 – The Year of the CoolTaku!

2017 is the Year of the CoolTaku!

2017 is the Year of the CoolTaku!

Wow! We’re a little late to the game, but Happy New Year, everyone. It’s been a while since our last post, but we took a little break from blogging to do some prep. Now we’re ready to make Chasing Japan absolutely awesome in 2017!

2016 was a growing year for us. Really, we had no idea how much work running a blog would be, but it’s been an absolute blast! However, we did notice that our content was…ahem…lacking. So instead of continuing down the path we were on, we decided to take a step back, get all our ducks in a row, and create a much more enjoyable experience for everyone.

So without further ado, here are our resolutions for 2017:

More Anime!

CoolTaku means MOAR anime!

What could possibly be better?! I mentioned before that I use anime to study Japanese, so this should actually help in the long run, right? But personal benefits aside, if we want to talk about more anime, we need to watch more anime. Classics, lesser knowns, and new seasons – we’re excited to spread the anime love and share our thoughts with everyone!

More Otaku!

CoolTaku means MOAR otaku!

Of course anime is awesome, but so are manga, and video games, and cosplay, and…, and…

There are so many dimensions of J-culture that it would be an absolute disservice to cover anime only! From new manga and video game releases, fashion trends, happenings in Akiba, and any other geeky news, we want to share the most interesting topics with you here, at Chasing Japan.

More Visuals!

CoolTaku means MOAR visuals!

We’re literary monsters, masters of prose. Modern day poets painting pictures with words like Bob Ross with his canvas and oil colors (I hope the sarcasm is coming though here!). But a picture is worth 1000 words, so why write when you can take a picture? ^^

2016 was the year Louis revived his passion for photography and the year I got my first DSLR camera. We’re gonna ramp up our artistic eyes and give everyone a whole new perspective of J culture through the lens! Photography projects, photo challenges, .GIFs, and video – all around delicious eye candy for your pleasure ^^

We may even get a bit over zealous, and really geek out over photography at times, so please excuse us when we do 😉

More “Cool”!

CoolTaku is cooler!

So you may have been wondering what the header was about at the beginning of this post. What the heck is CoolTaku anyway? This is something Louis and I thought up when we were doing some deep self-evaluation during our hiatus. Basically, it all boils down to self acceptance.

We self-identify as otaku, and we sometimes get the occasional funny look or the topic quickly changes when we mention it. There have been numerous times where I’ve been left out from a group outing because, and I quote, “We thought you wouldn’t like it…”

Their intentions were good, but it still irked me.

Even though society seems to be more accepting of the otaku and geek cultures, there’s still a lingering stigma that accompanies these words. The more we thought about it, the more we asked “why is there a negative connotation with these terms”? After all, all the otaku we know are the nicest, smartest, funniest people we’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. Doesn’t society know what it’s missing out on?

Then it dawned on us. Otaku are cool! Seriously cool! So what if some people don’t like anime? Millions of us do! Our love of J culture doesn’t hinder our ability to function in society, nor does it solely define who we are as people. Quite the opposite actually – being otaku actually enhances us as people!

Think about it. Anime, manga, and video games allow us to celebrate the very unique Japanese culture. Cosplaying allows us to freely express our creative talents. We revel at the idea of intellectual challenges. And most importantly, our peer support system is incredibly strong. To put it metaphorically, if we were in a high school cafeteria, our table would obviously look the most fun.

So the term CoolTaku isn’t Louis and me attempting to make otaku blend in with society. Nor is it us trying to brand ourselves as “cool”. CoolTaku is a celebration of all of us. No matter your favorite medium, where you’re from, age, race, sexual orientation, etc., you’re always welcome at our table. We only ask that you have fun (and maybe bring some extra Melty Blend. Louis has a tendency to wolf them down XD)!